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  Bottom grind and edges.......................$ 21.95

​ Heavy rust on edges........(extra)........................$  9.95


 Hot iron wax..........................................$19.95

 Basic tune..........(edges & hot wax)......$35.00


 *Complete tune up (skis or snowboard).......$49.95

 ​​(with ski binding release check & adjust)..........$59.95

 **Ski bindings release check & adjust...$24.95

   (FREE for our Facebook Fans) 

 Snowboard binding mount....................$29.95

​   ( Free with purchase)

 Ski bindings mount (integrated system only)...$64.95


  You must bring in 1 of your  boots for any binding work.

​​ * complete tune-up includes:

  Bottom grind, edges, minor p.tex and hot wax.

​​    ** The bindings must  be indemnified.

​  ​  Most tunes

 done overnight!

If your gear looks like this.....

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We also carry tools and accessories for the do-it-yourself repairs:

p.tex sticks, wax bars, irons,scrapers and more.



Wipe down your ski equipment after skiing. The edges will rust if you do not because they are made of high carbon steel.
Store your skis in a dry area. Do not lean them against hot pipes or on concrete floors.
For summer storage, it is best to use a light coating of oil on the edges of skis to prevent rust.

Keep them clean at all times because road salt and dirt will corrode your bindings and may cause them to malfunction.
Have your bindings checked by your local ski shop at least once a year (more often if you ski a lot) to make sure that they are functioning properly.
When storing your equipment for the summer, turn down your release settings. This will keep your release settings consistent for a longer period of time.

Make sure your boots are buckled up after use.
Make sure the various layers are folded over each other correctly. This will help them keep their shape and remain comfortable
Make sure your boots are dried out after using them. They will be warmer on your feet the next day.
Keep your boot soles clean and free of dirt. Try not wear down the heels and toes of your boots. A clean unworn boot will release more consistently from your bindings.

Use a ski bag or binding cover when transporting your skis on top of your car. This will help to protect them from road salt and grime.
When traveling by plane, bus or train protect your skis with a ski bag. This also makes them easier to carry.

Base Snowboard Maintenance
The base of your board needs to be smooth to keep your Snowboard gliding perfectly.
Wipe off all the dirt of the surface with some cloth.
Apply a special base cleaner to the base of your Snowboard. Special Snowboard base cleaner will dissolve the wax and bring all kinds of impurities to the surface.
Let the cleaner evaporate for about 15 minutes and wipe the surface again.

Base Repair
If you have small gouges in your Snowboard surface you can repair those using a P-Tex candle. Larger gouges should be repaired by the experts. Light one end of the P-Tex candle and let drops of P-Tex into the gouges. Let the board and the P-Tex cool down and then use a scraper to scrape off the excess P-Tex and smoothen the surface.

The most common misconception about Snowboards is that, with today's high-tech board bases, waxing is no longer necessary. On the contrary, those who wax their Snowboard regularly and properly, glides better.