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Wearing the right clothing is the first step in getting a fun day outside in the snow. The best way to dress is to wear layers of clothing. This allows you to add or remove layers,depending on the weather or your activity.

1.  first layer

Worn next to the skin usually long underwear. Try to avoid cotton because cotton won`t keep you warm when is wet.                         Look for a synthetic fiber (usually polyester) that can remove sweat from your skin.

2.  middle layer

The middle or insulating layer includes clothing made of fleece or wool to keep heat in and cold out by trapping air between the clothing fibers. Good choices for your middle layer are sweaters,sweatshirts,vest,turtlenecks and pullovers.

3.  outer layer

This outer, protection layer includes a shell or jacket and a pair of nylon or snow pants which should block he wind and repel snow and sleet. Most genuine outerwear is waterproof and breathable, meaning it keeps moisture on the outside but allows moisture from the inside (your sweat) to escape, so you stay dry and warm.

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