Multiday rentals!Rent once and keep the gear with you for 2 or as many days as you need. Avoid the lines and save time and money!​​

Learning how to ski is typically easier than learning how to snowboard because skiers feel they have more control over where the boards go and with getting on and off chairlifts. Moving on flat land or uphill can be easier on skis because your feet won’t be on one board and you’ll have poles to help you navigate. Skiing can be harder on the knees than snowboarding, leading to injuries, and some think carrying a pair of skis is harder than carrying a snowboard.

1 Day..................$33​​

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1DAY helmet rental.........................$12

1DAY snowboarding  boots rental.......$25

(we also have new and used boots for sale at affordable prices)​​

We rent by the day, week and everything in between we have something for everyone.

Snowboarding is usually more difficult to pick up but has a large learning curve, making the progression off the beginner slopes faster. While easier on the knees, snowboarding causes more wrist injuries so riders typically wear wrist guards. Also, getting up after falling on a snowboard is more difficult to master than with skis.

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Skis,boots and poles  or  snowboard,bindings,boots package rental.


A major credit card and a valid driver`s license required. Must be 18 or parent`s signature required.

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